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FEMME+ is a collaborative artist collective established in 2022. Our collective is dedicated to promoting diversity of viewpoints and ways of expression. FEMME+ artists are drawing inspiration from a variety of sources – from natural and industrial landscapes, classical sculpture and contemporary culture, to music and poetry – and translate these motifs into images based on their unique experiences using a variety of signature techniques – from traditional oil painting, to impasto, to mixed media, ink and Acrylic methods. Our goal is to add more vibrancy and colour to the Australian and international art scenes.



Angus Martin

The deep emotional resonance of his works belies a simple approach to figurative art, with Angus relying on fragmented shapes to piece together cohesive forms. With a focus on the psychology behind colours, Angus balances contrasting shades to strengthen the impact of his work and evoke emotions from his audience. His paintings are highly symbolic, harmonious and unexpectedly emotional. The artist’s goal is to illicit an emotional connection that people can relate to from their own experiences, as every piece holds positive hidden meaning and symbolism which acts as a daily reinforcement to the viewer. 

"I think creating something that has its own story and meaning behind it is so special to someone that resonates with it, as it can uplift their space and mood whilst being a daily positive reminder of what they have been through, or where they are going."

A self-described introvert, his pieces are inspired by music and a daydream state where his creativity is fuelled. Everything about Angus exudes that free-spirit energy you’d expect from a visual artist.’ “Everything happens for a reason — there are very few coincidences,” he reflects. “If you can start to recognise the reasons, you can find deeper meaning, not just in life, but in art too.”

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Marie Pol

I often think of "building up the surface" in the same way as non-representational painters would do, however, by retaining the subject, I invite the viewer to flip back and forth between representation and abstraction, between the cosmos and the chaos. - Marie Pol  

Marie's work explores vulnerability and emotional exposure as essential components for creativity, belonging and empathy. Exposure to risk - being the birthplace of both courage and love - manifests in the gestural yet lyrical quality of her paintings.

In her art, Marie also reflects on the distinction between representation and abstraction. She is an avid believer that within representation there are abstract ideas and vice versa. The moments of switching gears between the two are as fundamental as they are breathtaking.

So by taking seemingly easy and familiar subjects Marie creates situations allowing to release the abstract energies. She wants the viewer to wander between reality of the scene and the reality of the painting process and in this sense she is inspired by the old masters as much as by the Abstract Expressionists.

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Rebecca Trajkovski

Rebecca is a self taught artist, mother, and practicing lawyer based in Sydney, Australia. She is currently represented by Return on Art in Vienna, Austria and Sketch. Co Gallery in Sydney. Rebecca was the winner of the Local Artist Prize in the Georges River Art Prize (2019), winner of the People's Choice Award in the Law Society "Just Art Competition" and runner up in the Aspire Gallery Foot Square Art Prize (2019).


Her works have featured as finalist pieces in art prizes including the Blacktown City Art Prize (2019), the Waverley Art Prize (2019), Georges River Art Prize (2019), Lethbridge 20000 Art Award (online) (2020), Hornsby Art Prize (2022), BDAS Portrait Prize (2022), Meroogal Women's Art Prize (2022) and the Korea Australia Arts Foundation Prize (2022). Solo shows include "While you were sleeping", at Hurstville Museum & Gallery (2021) and Disorder Gallery (2021).


Her work has been shown at The Other Art Fair in Sydney (March 2019, October 2019, December 2021, July 2022 and December 2022) and the Affordable Art Fair (July 2022) with FEMME and the Affordable Art Fair represented by Sketch Co. Gallery (Sept, 2022 Melbourne).

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Affordable Art Fair is returning to Australia’s biggest city in 2024 and we can’t wait! With a wealth talent in New South Wales and across Australia, Affordable Art Fair Sydney will bring you an exciting collection of the latest contemporary art. There will be something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced collector looking to add to your collection, or a first-time buyer exploring the art world for the first time.

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