Contributor Guidelines



Interested in writing for our magazine? We are always on the look out for talented people who have a an article to share.

If interested, please take the time to read through our guidelines and submit interest via

All contributors will need to follow these guidelines in order to be considered in our magazine. 

Magazine Information

Femme Plus Magazine is a magazine that is targeted towards all women. We are all about promoting self confidence, self acceptance, and self love; and want our readers to gain something that will enable self healing and acceptance in who God has called them to be. We are all about glorifying God and our Lord Jesus Christ and are especially interested in any testimonials readers may have.

We also want our readers to be aware of organic health & beauty, which will include recipes for organic beauty products and healthy clean eating recipes. We aim to include stories on animal welfare and view animal rights extremely important and we love to hear feel good stories.


  1. All materials submitted must be your original work
  2. Article must not contain inappropriate language or defaming content, relating to God, Jesus, religion, or any person or label in general.
  3. Article must not contain overly sexual content including nudity, profanities, sexual themes, and sexual illustrations.
  4. Article submitted must keep in line with our magazines goal and that is to promote God and Jesus, body positivity, organic health, organic beauty products, fashion, plus size labels, plus size models, charities, animal welfare, churches, Christian music, books, sporting achievements, first count real life experiences.

Article Ideas We Accept

Plus Size Fashion

  • Any topics regarding fashion labels small or large that you may want to review and write about, could include why you think that brand knows their audience and how the clothes fit and are considered flattering. Please no negative comments about a particular brand, if you don’t like it don’t write about it. We only accept professional shots if you want to include images of you wearing the items.

 Body Positive

  • Articles that talk about body dysmorphia, any issue relating to body, or how you have started a movement that helps other people with body positivity. You may also have a social site that you dedicate to positivity.

Animal Welfare

  • Articles that cover issues relating to animal welfare such as charity work, some kind of program which allows animals for healing purposes, any feel good stories that have animals as their focus, any positive story about animal rescue etc…


  • Any articles that include stories on attending church and how church has benefited you, someone you know, or your family (must have their permission to include them in your article).

Relationship with Jesus

  • Any article on how you gave your life over and decided to follow Jesus, please include what your life was like before and now that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.


  • Any article on major testimonials on your life and how He provided you with a miracle. Stories to tell about how firsthand you watched God work through you or others to overcome an issue.


  • Any article relating to beauty for eg. Beauty product reviews, how to achieve a certain look with makeup. Reviews must only be of products that use all organic natural ingredients that benefit the skin.

Emotional Health

  • Any article that relates to how an individuals or a group of individuals have overcome or used a method to combat emotional distress.

Overcoming Eating Disorders

  • Stories on how you have personally overcome an eating disorder and how you view life and health now.

Recipes (Organic)

  • Any recipes that are 100% organic (we especially want alternatives to “fatty” meals and we are most definitely only interested in gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free recipes)

Feel good stories

  • Any articles on feel good stories on any topic.


After the initial voluntary 3 issue period all published articles will be paid the following rates:

  • Feature articles: AUD$600-$750 (2000-2500 words).
  • My Story / Real Life Experience: AUD$150 (800-1000 words).

Payment will be made after publication.

As we are a monthly magazine we will be offering any professionals an ongoing place writing for our magazine.

Femme Plus reserves the right to accept or decline any article. By submitting an article, you agree to following these guidelines and agree that we have final say over what is accepted to be published and what we will not publish.

Femme Plus will edit all articles and then send back for your approval.


So guys if you really are interested in writing for us please send us an email at